J L Câncio Martins Structural Engineers is an independent practice of consulting civil and structural engineers. Founded in 1963 by Professor José Luis Câncio Martins, the firm has established itself as a leader in the design of complex and unique structures for transportation systems, buildings, marine works and industrial facilities. It is committed to produce strikingly engineered state-of-the-art designs and cost-effective solutions. The scope of services and the accumulated experience enable the firm to provide its clients with solutions to any major project of structural engineering. The firm provides advanced structural analyses for all types of structures and materials.

The broad design experience and the creative approach to structural design enable the firm to offer skillful expertise when difficult environments or complex circumstances are involved and briefness is required. Optimal solutions are ensured by advanced construction techniques and extensive analyses of restraints and potentialities of available equipments and facilities performed in association with Owners and Contractors. The ultimate goal is to design leading constructions whose excellence is spontaneously perceived by the public who uses and lives with them in the long term.